Qualification of Ijtihad: Opinions of the Former Scholars

  • Sajila Kausar Assistant Professor, Department of Fiqh & Shariah, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Keywords: Ijtih┐d, Qualification, Former Scholars, Opinion


Allah Al-Mighty send the human beings in this universe with a complete code of guidance in the form of the Qur’┐n and Sunnah of the Prophet (╗AWS). Both these sources guide different fields of life principally. The commandments of the Qur’┐n and Sunnah are unchangeable. No one can ignore them, but the problems of life are endless. And solution of all these problems cannot be presented in a single book. So, the Shar┘‘ah has introduced the principle of ijtih┐d to resolve all these issues.  Ijtih┐d is not to create something new in religion rather it is to tell the point of view of religion about the newly born problems. But it should also be kept in mind that to perform Ijtih┐d there are certain terms and conditions, which if not fulfilled will spoil the concept of ijtih┐d. These terms and conditions have been discussed and modified time to time. The former Scholars of Isl┐m have a detailed discussion on this topic. The Scholars of present era also have focused this topic and have presented its requirements in the current era but in this paper, the opinions of former scholars are going to be discussed in detail. The opinions of the scholars of present era will be presented in the other paper.

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