Ethics of Business Advertisement

(A Study in the light of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Seerah)

  • Farhad ullah Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies , HITEC University Taxila
  • Hafız Fazle Omer Lecturer (V), KMU Institute of Medical Science Kohat
Keywords: Ethics, Advertisement, Business, seerah


In the proliferation and spread of Islam, the part of the financial manager and busninessmen has stayed extremely huge. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a celebrated and legit Arab busninessman, and his high-height colleagues were considered among the conspicuous and effective Arab financial specialists. Numerous sacred rewards have been said in support of authentic and genuine trade in the Holy Prophet's sayings (conventions). Today the manipulation of consumers through advertisement has also become a routine practice. Therefore, it is essential for the businessmen while advertising to maintain the rules and principles set for it by Shariāh  to promote their business and fulfil the rights of the consumers. Advertising of items and services, in itself is not prohibited in Islam because its purpose is to keep the masses aware and to provide them with related information. This paper aims to study the ethics of business from the practical aspect of Prophet’s life (PBUH).

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